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Native Plant List for North Bay Subdivision

These are plants that grow in the North Bay Subdivision area and are therefore a good starting point in choosing plants for your garden. Most of these plants are tough and waterwise, and many have attractive flowers. All of these plants are available from Plants of Tasmania Nursery.


Click on the species name to get a series of photos of the plants so that you can see what they look like.

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Acacia dealbata    Silver Wattle    A fast growing, silvery foliaged tree with a profusion of golden yellow flowers in August - September. To 5m in dry sites or up to 25m in moist, deep soils. Mature trees develop a fine silvery trunk.

Acacia genistifolia    Spreading Wattle    A low growing prickly wattle, spreading to 1.5m by up to 30cm high. Excellent for well drained and dry sites. Yellow flowers, massed in spring.

Acacia longifolia subsp. sophorae    Coast Wattle    A vigorous spreading wattle to 4m high by up to 6m wide (especially in its preferred habitat on sand dunes). Yellow flowers in spring. Well drained soils.

Acacia mearnsii    Black Wattle    A fast growing tree to 10m, for dry or well drained sites. Yellow flowers are profuse in November. Expect a lifespan up to 25 years.

Acacia melanoxylon    Blackwood    One of Tasmania's many exquisite timber trees. To only 5m in poor dry soils, in better sites Blackwood will grow into a beautiful dense, spreading tree, and in moist, deep soils a timber tree to 25m. Cream flowers in spring.

Acacia stricta    Hop Wattle    A fast growing shrub to 2.5m x 1.5m, with grey green foliage. Flowering lightly in spring with lemon-yellow flowers. Dry and well drained sites.

Acacia verticillata    Prickly Moses    A quick growing, prickly foliaged wattle, to 5m x 2m. The branches - which can be weeping - are adorned in spring with a mass of yellow flowers. Adapts to dryish or moist soils.

Acaena novae-zelandiae    Buzzy    Vigorous spreading ground covers with seed heads that stick to your socks and dogs and drive you mad. A hardy ground-stabilizing plant. Species occur from coastal sand dunes to mountains.

Adiantum aethiopicum    Common Maidenhair     Vigorous suckering fern that quickly forms a large clump. Very easily grown in a moist position in filtered sunlight.

Allocasuarina littoralis    Bulloak    An erect, fine foliaged large shrub or small tree growing 4 - 6m. Drought hardy. Good for screening in narrow areas. In wider gardens the foliage forms a nice background for other shrubs.

Allocasuarina verticillata    Drooping Sheoak    Hardy small tree to 5m for well drained, dry and coastal sites. A dense, olive green canopy crowning a dark-barked single trunk is characteristic of a mature tree.

Aotus ericoides    Golden Pea    A fine foliaged shrub for well drained and coastal sites. Arching branches to 80cm, display yellow pea flowers in spring.

Arthropodium milleflorum    Pale Vanilla-Lily    A low clump of narrow leaves, gives rise in spring to delicate white flowers on slender stems to 50cm. A group of plants in a garden or pot, make an attractive display.

Arthropodium minus    Small Vanilla-Lily    An attractive fine-leaved tufted plant with dainty purple flowers to 30 cm. Best suited to well-drained sites. Will tolerate full sun or partial shade. Frost hardy.

Arthropodium strictum    Chocolate Lily    Featuring small mauve flowers in spring, on slender stems to 40cm. For very well drained or dry sites. Foliage dies back in summer.

Asplenium flabellifolium    Necklace Fern    Attractive fern with trailing fronds to 30 cm long forming plantlets at the tips. Easily grown in a moist, protected position. Suitable for baskets, terrariums or rockeries.

Atriplex cinerea    Coast Salt Bush    A bushy shrub to 1.2m with silvery-grey, fire retardant foliage. Well drained, dry and coastal sites.

Austrostipa stipoides    Coastal Spear Grass    A hardy grass to 60 cm, suited to most sites including frontline coastal. Whitish flowering spikes to 1 m in spring-summer.

Banksia margianta    Silver Banksia    Shrub or small tree that can grow to 5m x 2.5m in 10 years. The yellow flower spikes attract honey eaters in autumn. Hardy in well drained sites.

Bedfordia salicina    Blanket Leaf    A quick-growing shrub or small tree 3-5 m. Endemic to central and southern Tasmania. Well suited to moist and part chaeded sites, but growing well in dryer clay soils. Clusters of yellow flowers in summer.

Bossiaea prostrata    Creeping Bossiaea    A slow growing prostrate plant, spreading to 60cm, with yellow/orange pea flowers in spring. Best in dry and well drained sites.

Brachyscome aculeata    Hill Daisy    A small rockery sized daisy plant to 20cm with pale mauve flowers in spring. Can be cut back after flowering to rejuvenate.

Bulbine semibarbata    Leek Lily    A clump of bright green leaves to 30cm feature yellow star-shaped flowers on stems to 40cm in late spring or summer. Annual habit, but seeds readily. Well drained sites.

Bursaria spinosa    Prickly Box    An erect thorny bush or small tree to 3-5m for well-drained and dry sites. Prolific, fragrant cream flowers in summer. Attract butterflies. Hardy and long-lived plant.

Calytrix tetragona    Common Fringemyrtle    Fine foliaged shrub that will grow to 1m high and wide, with a massed display of starry-white flowers in spring. Suitable for well drained, dry or coastal gardens. Responds well to pruning.

Carex appressa    Tall Sedge    Robust, rough edged dense tuft. 30 cm to 1 m. Can be planted in water to 10 cm depth.

Carex tasmanica    Curly Top    A distinctive sedge from Tasmania's east coast and midlands that will grow to 50 cm. The leaf tips curl with maturity. Suited to most sites.

Carpobrotus rossii    Native Pigface    A prostrate, succulent ground-cover, spreading to 1.5m, in sunny, well drained and coastal sites. Mauve flowers in spring and summer. Fruits are edible when ripe.

Cassinia aculeata    Dolly Bush    Quick growing shrub to 2-3 m. White flowers, often with pink buds. Useful as a cut flower, also as a quick screen.

Cheilanthes austrotenuifolia    Rock Fern    Hardy fern with erect, lacy fronds to 30 cm tall. Requires well-drained, humus-rich soil and a position in morning or strongly filtered afternoon sun. Suitable for pots, baskets or rockeries.

Chrysocephalum apiculatum    Yellow Buttons    A low, suckering daisy, spreading to 1m or more, with soft, grey foliage and bright yellow 'button' flowers in spring and summer. In cooler sites, can die back in winter, but resprouts.

Chrysocephalum semipapposum    Clustered Everlasting    Stems to 80 cm are topped with clusters of small everlasting flowers in summer. Can be pruned back to the ground after flowering.

Clematis aristata    Old Mans Beard    A vigorous vine with large leaves and creamy white flowers in spring. Prefers to grow to the top of a support and hang around there. Female vines have fluffy seeds. Prefers moist to average soils.

Comesperma volubile    Blue Love Creeper    A light growing climber to about 1.5m. Almost invisible for most of the year, it bursts forth in late spring with a vibrant splash of blue.

Coprosma quadrifida    Prickly Currant Bush    A bushy and usually spiky shrub to 3 m that prefers moist conditions. Orange berries on female plants.

Coronidium scorpioides    Creeping Everlasting    A softly foliaged, suckering plant, with grey-green foliage and yellow everlasting flowers in summer on stems to 12cm. Can be pruned back in winter.

Correa alba    White Correa    A hardy, dense, grey foliaged shrub to 1.5m high by 2m wide. Open bell-shaped flowers in autumn and winter.

Correa reflexa    Common Correa    A shrub to 1m, with green, pink or red tubular flowers in autumn. Beloved of honeyeaters.

Craspedia glauca    Billy Buttons    Yellow spherical flowers on slender stems to 50cm, in late spring or summer. Well drained sites. 2-3 yrs lifespan.

Daviesia latifolia    Bitter Hop Pea    A quick growing shrub to 1.2m high and wide, featuring bronze coloured new growth and yellow/orange pea flowers in spring. Good for well drained and dry sites.

Daviesia ulicifolia    Spiky Bitter Pea    An excellent restrictive plant to 1.5 x 1m. Very spiky. Yellow/orange pea flowers in spring.

Dianella amoena    Pale Flax Lily    A tufted plant with pale green tapering leaves to 60cm. Light blue flowers on long slender stems have bright yellow anthers and develop into purple-blue berries. Prefers well-drained and dry sites.

Dianella brevicaulis    Arching Flax Lily    A dense, tufted clump of arching foliage to 50cm. Small blue and yellow flowers are followed by purple berries in summer. Suited to coastal gardens and drier sites.

Dianella revoluta    Narrow-leaved Flax Lily    A hardy tufted plant growing as a clump. Can spread by underground rhizomes. Leaves to 50cm and long spikes of delicate blue flowers followed by blue berries. Suited to any well-drained site in sun or patial shade.

Dianella tasmanica    Tasman Flax Lily    Forms a broad leaved clump of dark green foliage, gradually spreading by underground rhizomes. Leaves to 50cm high, flowers on longer stems, are blue and yellow, followed by shiny purple berries. Prefers a moist, cool site.

Dichelachne crinita    Long Hair Plume Grass    A grass with flowering stems to 1.2 m, often with pink tonings.

Dichondra repens    Kidney Weed    A prostrate matting plant. Can be used as a lawn alternative if you are prepared to weed it.

Dillwynia cinerascens    Grey Parrot-Pea    Shrub to 1.2m with grey green foliage. Orange-yellow pea flowers in spring. Well drained and dry sites.

Dillwynia glaberrima    Smooth Parrot Pea     A shrub to 1m with slender arching branches and yellow pea flowers in spring. Well drained and dry soils.

Diplarrena moraea    White Flag Iris    Forms a tussock of strap-like leaves to 60 cm. White flowers with purple and yellow markings on long stems in spring.

Einadia nutans    Climbing Saltbush    A scrambling perennial herb that prefers dry areas. Fleshy leaves with small green flowers and red berries. Useful for exposed coastal conditions. Grows from prostrate up to 1.5m high by 1.2m wide.

Epacris impressa    Common Heath    Evergreen small shrub with small pointed leaves bearing a profusion of red, pink or white tubular bell flowers. Well drained soil. Dappled or part shade. Mulch. Prune to promote bushy growth.

Eucalyptus amygdalina    Black Peppermint    Endemic to Tasmania, where it grows in the east and north. Expect 12-15m in poor soils - up to 25m in better sites. Attractive fine foliage and grey-brown bark. A durable timber for posts.

Eucalyptus globulus    Tasmanian Blue Gum    A fast growing, tall gum occuring naturally in south-east Tasmania and growing from 25-50m. Tasmania's floral emblem. Juvenile foliage is blue-grey. Large gum nuts. A useful timber tree.

Eucalyptus obliqua    Stringybark    A vigorous tree growing from 15-40m, depending on soils and moisture. Large, dark green leaves and deep brown, stringy bark up the trunk and main branches. A useful timber tree.

Eucalyptus ovata    Swamp Gum    Well suited to cold, poorly drained sites. A medium height tree from 10-18m, with persistant bark up part of the trunk. Occurs in eastern and northern Tasmania.

Eucalyptus pulchella    White Peppermint    A graceful, fine foliaged tree to 15m, with a clean trunk. Endemic to south eastern Tasmania and well suited to dry and well drained sites. Not too big for most gardens, due to its light crown.

Eucalyptus risdonii    Risdon Peppermint    A small to medium tree, 8-15m, endemic to Tasmania, and localised to dry hills east of the Derwent River. Characterised by blue-grey foliage and twisted, clean trunks. Used for cut foliage.

Eucalyptus tenuiramis    Silver Peppermint    A distinctive tree, endemic to south eastern Tasmania, growing well on poor, dry soils. A white trunk, bluish young growth, and often a pendulous habit, are features of this tree, growing from 12-20m.

Eucalyptus viminalis    White Gum    Widespread through eastern and northern Tasmania, the White Gum will grow from 20-45m, depending on the site. A clean, white trunk, and habitat for Fourty Spotted Pardalotes, are real attributes.

Gonocarpus teucrioides    Forest Raspwort    Multi-stemmed plant to 30 cm with small red/cream flowers in spring. It is an important understorey plant in damp forests.

Goodenia elongata    Creeping goodenia    A vigorous, spreading, suckering groundcover, with rich yellow flowers on stems to 10cm in summer. Can be invasive.

Goodenia lanata    Prostrate Goodenia    A prostrate, suckering groundcover with yellow flowers in spring.

Goodenia ovata    Parrots Foot    Very quick growing shrub to 1.2m. Good for moist and shade. Yellow flowers. Responds well to light or heavy pruning.

Hibbertia prostrata    Prostrate Guinea Flower    A finely foliaged, low growing plant, spreading to about 50cm. Crisp yellow flowers in spring. Recommended for well drained sites.

Hibbertia riparia    Erect Guinea Flower    A small shrub to 50cm, with erect stems decorated nicely in late spring with a profusion of clear yellow flowers. Well drained soils. Can be hard pruned.

Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides    Mountain Pennywort    A suckering, soft foliaged groundcover, forming a pale green mat, in a moist, cool position or pot.

Indigofera australis    Native Indigo    An open branched shrub to 1.2m, with striking purple pea flowers in late spring. Best in a well drained site.

Juncus pallidus    Pale Rush    Erect tuft to 2 m that is happy in shallow water to a depth of 10 cm

Kennedia prostrata    Running Postman    Prostrate trailing plant with bright red pea flowers in spring. Can grow quite densely to 1.5m spread, in a well prepared garden. Coastal and well drained sites.

Leptorhynchos squamatus    Billy Buttons    A rockery sized plant, with yellow flowers on slender stems to 10cm in summer. Well drained and dry sites.

Leptospermum scoparium    Common Teatree    A hardy tea-tree growing to 2-3 m with a profusion of white flowers in summer. Regualr pruning will ensure a compact bush.

Linum marginale    Native Flax    Erect slender plant to 60 cm with small, bright blue flowers on arching stems in summer. Like sun or part shade. Ecpect a lifespan of 2-3 years. Seeds readily.

Lomandra longifolia    Sagg    An extremely hardy tussock with bright green foliage to 60cm. Staw coloured flowering and seed heads on stems to 50cm. Survives very dry conditions, but looks well with extra water.

Myoporum insulare    Common Boobialla    Dense green, coastal, fire retardant bush to 3 m high and wide. White flowers in early summer.

Olearia argophylla    Musk     Shrub to 3-5 m in a moist site. Large, pale green and silvery leaves. Bunches of creamy white flowers in spring.

Olearia ramulosa    Twiggy Daisy Bush    A shrub to 1 m with small leaves. White daisy flowers in early summer. Trim after flowering iof a compact bush is required. Well-drained sites.

Olearia viscosa    Viscid Daisy Bush    A loose-limbed shrub to 2 m with shiny green leaves and clusters of creamy-white flowers in summer. Prune if a more compact shrub is required. Adapts to most sites.

Ozothamnus ferrugineus    Tree Bush-Everlasting     Quick growing, dense bush to 3 m. White flowers in late spring.

Ozothamnus obcordatus    Spicy Bush-Everlasting    A softly foliaged, aromatic shrub, growing from 1m to 1.5m. Clusters of yellow flowers are well displayed in spring. Enjoys sandy and well drained soils.

Ozothamnus scutellifolius    Scale-Leaf Bush-Everlasting    An upright shrub to 1.2m, with small rounded leaves, pressed against the stems. Endemic to south eastern Tasmania. Creamy-yellow flowers in spring. Well drained or dry sites.

Pelargonium australe    Southern Storksbill    Quick growing, soft foliaged plant to 50cm. Grows well in coastal and dry sites. Small pink or pink and white flowers in summer. 3-5 yrs lifespan. Self seeds readily.

Philotheca verrucosa    Fairy Wax Flower    A small shrub to 70cm, with aromatic foliage and pink buds opening to white or pale pink flowers in spring. Best in a cool well drained spot.

Pimelea linifolia    Nodding Pimelea    A shrub to 70cm with bright green leaves and "nodding" creamy white flowers in spring.

Poa labillardierei    Silver Tussock-grass    A robust, quick growing, dense tussock to 80cm, with purple-hued flower spikes to 1.2m. Can be hard pruned.

Poa rodwayi    Velvet Tussock-grass    Softly foliaged, bushy tuft to 50cm. Flower spikes to 70cm. Can be hard pruned. Withstands dry and cold.

Poa sieberiana    Grey Tussock Grass    A very fine foliaged grass to 15cm. Flower and seed spikes to 40cm. Recommended for light and sandy soils.

Polystichum proliferum    Mother Shieldfern     Fern with much-divided fronds suitable for damper sites. It commonly produces small plants on the surfaces of the fronds that can be grown into new plants.

Pomaderris apetala    Dogwood     Quick growing shrub or small tree to 6 m. Grey-green leaves. Best in a moist spot.

Pomaderris elliptica    Yellow Dogwood     Robust, shiny-leaved shrub with clusters of creamy yellow flowers in spring. 2-3 m.

Pomaderris pilifera    Hairy Dogwood    Hardy, robust shrub growing to 3 m x 2m wide. Smooth, rounded oval leaves and heads of ornamental yellow flowers in late spring.

Prostanthera lasianthos    Christmas Bush     Fast, large shrub to 5 m for moist, cool sites. Massed white flowers in summer. Can be temperamental.

Pterostylis nutans    Nodding Greenhood    Much-loved easy to grow terrestrial orchid suited to a moist, shaded position or a pot. The fascinating hooded flower rises from a rosette of leaves. Dies back in summer, but the underground tubers resprout in Autumn. Forms colonies.

Pterostylis pedunculata    Maroonhood    Much-loved easy to grow terrestrial orchid suited to a moist, shaded position or a pot. The fascinating maroon flower rises from a rosette of leaves. Dies back in summer, but the underground tubers resprout in Autumn. Forms colonies.

Ptilotus spathulatus    Possum Tails    A small, low clump of leaves gives rise to fluffy, creamy-white flower heads in summer. Withstands cold and dry once established.

Pultenaea daphnoides    Large-leaved Bush Pea    Evergreen medium to tall shrub. Wedge-shaped leaves. Heads of yellow and brown pea flowers in clusters in spring. Well-drained soil, tolerating lime. Usually frost-resistant.

Pultenaea gunnii    Golden Bush Pea    A low spreading shrub to 40 cm high by 1.5 m wide. Small blue-green leaves and yellow/orange pea flowers in spring. Average to moist soils.

Pultenaea juniperina    Prickly Beauty    Suckering upright stems to 1.2m. Small pungent leaves give rise to yellow pea flowers in spring. Can form sizable stands - useful to bind the soil.

Pultenaea pedunculata    Matted Bush Pea    A finely foliaged ground cover, often forming a dense mat and spreading up to 1.5 m. Yellow or yellow/orange pea flowers in spring. Very hardy in a dry site.

Rhagodia candolleana    Coastal Saltbush    A scrambling coastal shrub with small, bright green succulent leaves and small red shiny berries. Best in a sunny spot in light or sandy soils.

Rubus parvifolius    Native Raspberry    A hardy trailing or climbing plant to 1.5m with small, hooked thorns. Pink flowers in summer followed by small, red, edible berries.

Senecio linearifolius    Fireweed     Fast bright green shrub to 2 m with yellow daisy flowers in summer. Eminently prunable.

Solanum laciniatum    Kangaroo Apple     Fast, deep green shrub to 2.5 m. Big blue flowers followed by poisonous green fruits but edible when ripe.

Stylidium graminifolium    Trigger Plant    A small, tufted plant. Attractive spikes of pink flowers in late spring or summer. Best in a light, well drained soil. Makes a very handsome pot plant.

Tetratheca labillardierei    Leggy Black Eyed Susan    An upright, bushy shrub to 70cm, with light green foliage and a massed display of white flowers in spring. Best in light, or sandy soils, or superb in a pot.

Themeda triandra    Kangaroo Grass    A summer growing, soft foliaged grass to 30cm high by 60cm wide. Distinctive flowering and seed heads on stems to 70cm. Leaves often have a reddish tinge. Withstands dry and cold. G6-9, P6-9.

Viola hederacea    Native Violet    A stemless perennial spreading by stolons. Small mauve and white flowers in spring and summer. An attractive groundcover for average to moist conditions.

Vittadinia muelleri    Narrow Leaf New Holland Daisy    Rare and endangered daisy from the midlands and Hobart Hills. Small purple flowers in spring. May seed into the garden. Suited to dry conditions.

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