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Plant Prices

Plants of Tasmania Nursery has available plants in a range of sizes, from young plants ready to go in to a developing garden to advanced specimens that will give immediate effect in either gardens or pots.

Plants are grown initially in square forestry tubes or 75 mm round pots. Plants in square tubes are in nearly all cases $3.25. A bulk discount scheme is available if large numbers of square tubes are being purchased (see below). Plants in 75 mm pots are in most cases $4.95, but for species that are more difficult to grow the price can be higher ($5.955/$6.95/$8.95).

More advanced plants are available for most species that have been potted on into 140 mm pots. The standard price for these plants is $9.95, with species that are more difficult to grow available for $12.95 to $30.00 (for Nothofagus gunnii, a notoriously difficult plant).

Many species are also available in larger pots, with the prices depending on the species and age of the plant. If you are after larger specimens, please contact the nursery to get an idea of availability and price. We do have a good selection of advanced rainforest trees, including King Billy, Huon and Celery-Top Pines, Leatherwoods and Sassafras, up to 3-4 m high at prices ranging up to $500.

Square Tube Bulk Discount Scheme

Discounts are available for purchases of large numbers of trees and shrubs in square tubes (normal price $3.25). To obtain a discount, the following conditions apply:

1. The initial purchase must be of 50 or more tubes.

2. Minimum purchase thereafter is 25 tubes, with a minimum of 5 plants per species.

3. The discount price is $2.25 for 25 to 50 plants, $2.00 for 50 to 100 plants, or $1.80 if more than 100 plants are purchased.

These conditions may be changed without notice.


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