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The prices shown are for plants in tubes and 140 mm pots. Larger sizes are available for many species.

The Garden Hardiness (G) and Pot Suitability (P) ratings refer to the reliability and suitability of plants to being grown in the garden and pots. For more information, click here.

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Species Name Common Name Description Price
Pandorea pandorana Wonga Vine A vigorous vine in good soil. Likes an extra dash of water. From Flinders Island (and further north). Sprays of creamy white flowers in late spring.  Images G5-9, P4-8.


Patersonia fragilis Short Purple Flag Tufted foliage to 40 cm. Purple/blue iris flowers on stems to 20 cm in summer. Images G3-7, P6-9.


Patersonia occidentalis Long Purple Flag Dense clump of leaves to 40 cm. Purple iris flowers on stems to 60 cm in summer. Images G3-7, P6-9.


Pelargonium australe Southern Storksbill Quick growing, soft foliaged plant to 50cm. Grows well in coastal and dry sites. Small pink or pink and white flowers in summer. 3-5 yrs lifespan. Self seeds readily. Images G5-8, P4-8. $3.25
Pelargonium australe Southern Storksbill - Hanging Constable A quick growing pelargonium to 40cm. Aromatic leaves are tinged pink, with a purple hue underneath. Small pink flowers. Handsome in a hanging basket. Expect a 3-5 year lifespan. G5-8, P5-8. $3.25
Pelargonium australe Southern Storksbill - Mini M A petite Pelargonium to 15cm, with pink flowers in summer. Originating from near the M road in eastern Tasmania. Expect a lifespan from 3-5 yrs. G4-7, P3-7. $4.95
Pentachondra ericifolia Fine Pentachondra A rare Tasmanian endemic shrub to 30cm, in the heath family. Fine foliage and white bearded flowers. Best in a cool, moist garden or pot. Rarely availble. Images G3-7, P5-8. $6.95 $16.50
Pentachondra involucrata Forest Pentachondra A distinctively foliaged endemic shrub to 1.2m. The stem clasping leaves are enhanced by a fine display of bearded white flowers in spring. Best in a cool, moist, well drained site, or pot. Images G5-8, P5-9. $6.95 $16.50
Pentachondra pumila Carpet Pentachondra Endemic slow-growing, ground-hugging heath with white flowers and red berries. Prefers a moist, well-composted site. Rarely available. Images $8.95 $18.50
Persoonia gunnii Mountain Geebung A slow growing shrub to 2 m, endemic to Tasmania's wet forests and subalpine shrubberies. Handsome foliage, with scented cream-yellow flowers in summer, followed by small purple-black fruits. Images $6.95 $16.50
Phebaleum daviesii Davies' Phebaleum Rediscovered after many years lost, this endemic Tasmanian shrub is exceedingly rare. It will grow to 1.5 m, and has lemon-yellow flowers in spring. Best in a well-drained site. Images G3-7, P5-9. $4.95 $12.95
Phaerosphaera hookeriana Mount Mawson Pine Endemic to some Tasmanian mountains, especially Mt. Field. Slow growing to 1m in 10yrs. Prefers a moist, cool site or in a pot. Images G5-8, P5-8. $6.95
Philotheca verrucosa Fairy Wax Flower A small shrub to 70cm, with aromatic foliage and pink buds opening to white or pale pink flowers in spring. Best in a cool well drained spot. Images G3-8, P5-8. $5.95 $14.50
Philotheca verrucosa Fairy Wax Flower - Neale's Pink This form of Philotheca verrucosa has pink flowers in winter. $6.95 $16.50
Phyllachne colensoi Yellow Cushionplant Slow growing cushion-forming plant. Tiny white flowers in spring. Requires constantly moist but freely-draining soil and plenty of sunshine. Frost and snow tolerant. Suitable container plant. Images $8.95 $18.50
Phyllocladus aspleniifolius Celery Top Pine Endemic Tasmanian conifer, and a fine timber tree. Shiny 'celery like' foliage. Handsome pyramidal form. Best in a cool, moist situation or as a pot plant. Expect 2m in 10yrs. Images G5-8, P7-9. $6.95 $16.50
Phyllota diffusa Heath Bushpea A spreading fine-foliaged shrub to 50 cm high by 1 m wide with small yellow pea flowers in spring. Endemic to Tasmania and restricted to heaths on the north and east coasts, though our plants originated from a higher altitude site. Images $4.95 $12.95
Pimelea filiformis Trailing Riceflower A beautiful fine-foliaged ground cover endemic to northern Tasmania. Pink buds and white flowers. Can spread to 1.5 m. Images G4-8, P4-8. $5.95 $14.50
Pimelea flava Yellow Riceflower A shrub to 1 m with flexible, wiry stems that produces a magnificent floral display of bright yellow flowers in later winter-spring. Average to moist soils. Rarely available. Images Further information. $8.95 $18.50
Pimelea linifolia Nodding Pimelea A shrub to 70cm with bright green leaves and "nodding" creamy white flowers in spring. Images G4-8, P5-8. $5.95 $14.50
Pimelea nivea Bushman's Bootlace Beautiful shrub to 1m common in the hills around Hobart. Prefers drier conditions. Difficult to propagate, but hardy in the garden. Images $8.95 $18.50
Pittosporum bicolor Cheesewood Erect growing shrub to 5 m. Cream or purplish bell flowers. Small red-orange fleshy fruits. Moist sites. Images G6-9, P5-8. $4.95 $12.95
Planocarpa nitida Black-fruit Cheeseberry Endemic Tasmanian shrub to 40 cm from the central plateau. Rare species. Small white flowers, followed by flattened black fruit. Moist, cool spot or pot. Images G3-7, P5-8. $6.95 $16.50
Platylobium formosum Handsome Flat Pea A spreading shrub to 30cm high by 1m wide. Yellow-orange pea flowers in late spring or early summer. Vibrant, bronzed new growth. Images $3.25 $9.95
Platylobium obtusiangulum Common Flat Pea A small shrub to 1 m high and wide for well-drained sites in sun or part shade. Unusual foliage and yellow-orange pea flowers in spring. Images $3.25 $9.95
Platylobium triangulare Arrow Flat Pea A small shrub to 1 m with heart shaped leaves 1-3 cm long from drier areas of the midlands and East Coast. Yellow and red pea flowers appear in spring. Suitable for dry to moderate gardens. Images $3.25 $9.95
Poa gunnii Gunn's Tussock-grass A medium tussock to 50 cm x 90 cm wide. Arching flower spikes and seed heads. Images $3.25 $9.95
Poa labillardierei Silver Tussock-grass A robust, quick growing, dense tussock to 80cm, with purple-hued flower spikes to 1.2m. Can be hard pruned. Images G6-9, P5-9. $3.25 $9.95
Poa mollis Soft Tussock-grass Very rare, endemic Tasmanian tussock grass. Soft blue-green foliage to 60cm with purple-tinged greenish seed heads to 80cm. Well-drained soil. Frost tolerant. Images $3.25 $9.95
Poa poiformis Coastal Tussock-grass A bushy tuft to 70cm, hardy in most sites including frontline foreshore, where along with the coast speargrass it forms a striking display amongst sand and rocks. Images G5-8, P5-8. $3.25 $9.95
Poa rodwayii Velvet Tussock-grass Softly foliaged, bushy tuft to 50cm. Flower spikes to 70cm. Can be hard pruned. Withstands dry and cold. Images G5-9, P5-9. $3.25 $9.95
Poa sieberiana Tiny Tuft A very fine foliaged grass to 15cm. Flower and seed spikes to 40cm. Recommended for light and sandy soils.  Images G3-8, P5-9. $3.25 $9.95
Podocarpus lawrencei Mountain Plum Pine A slow growing, mountain conifer to 1.5m in 10yrs. Prefers a cool, moist position or as a pot plant. Small red edible fruits on female plants. Images G5-9, P7-9. $5.95 $16.50
Podocarpus lawrencei Mountain Plum Pine - Prostrate A prostrate form of Podocarpus lawrencii with blue-green foliage that spreads to about 2 m. G5-9, P7-9. $5.95 $16.50
Polystichum proliferum Mother Shieldfern Fern with much-divided fronds suitable for damper sites. It commonly produces small plants on the surfaces of the fronds that can be grown into new plants. Images $5.95 $12.95
Polytrichum juniperinum Juniper Moss Dense, deep green suckering moss to 12 cm high for a moist, shady site. Images G3-8, P5-8. $5.95 $12.95
Pomaderris apetala Dogwood Quick growing shrub or small tree to 6 m. Grey-green leaves. Best in a moist spot. Images G4-8, P3-7. $3.25 $9.95
Pomaderris elachophylla Small-leaved Pomaderris Slender-stemmed shrub to 2 m. Creamy-yellow flowers. This is a good plant for drier, shady conditions. Images G3-7, P4-8. $4.95 $12.95
Pomaderris elliptica Yellow Dogwood Robust, shiny-leaved shrub with clusters of creamy yellow flowers in spring. 2-3 m. Images G5-8, P5-7. $3.25 $9.95
Pomaderris pilifera Hairy Dogwood Hardy, robust shrub growing to 3 m x 2m wide. Smooth, rounded leaves and heads of ornamental yellow flowers in late spring. Images G5-8, P5-7. $3.25 $9.95
Pratia pedunculata Matted Pratia - Buckland Blue A prostrate, suckering plant, spreading to 1m or more, with masses of small, scented blue flowers in summer. Flowers are a deep blue when young, fading as they age. Images G6-9, P6-9. $4.95 $9.95
Pratia pedunculata Matted Pratia - Platt's White A form of Pratia pedunculata with white flowers. G6-9, P6-9. $4.95 $9.95
Prionotes cerinthoides Climbing Heath Endemic Tasmanian climbing plant of moist, shady rainforests, often found many metres up Myrtle trees, a blaze of cascading red bell-flowers in autumn. Excruciatingly slow in cultivation. Well composted, cool, shady site or pot. Images G2-7, P4-9.

$8.95 $18.50

Prostanthera lasianthos Christmas Bush Fast, large shrub to 5 m for moist, cool sites. Massed white flowers in summer. Can be temperamental. Images $4.95 $9.95
Prostanthera rotundifolia Round-leaved Mint Bush Quick growing bush to 2 m. Masses of mauve flowers in spring. Images G3-8, P4-8. $4.95 $12.95
Pterostylis curta Blunt Greenhood Easy to grow terrestrial orchid suited to a well-drained position or pot. Flower stems rise from a rosette of leaves. Dies off after flowering but resprouts in autumn. Over the years will form a colony. Images $5.95 $14.50
Pterostylis nutans Nodding Greenhood Much loved terrestrial orchid suited to a well-drained position or pot. Flower stems rise from a rosette of leaves. Dies off after flowering but resprouts in autumn. Over the years will form a colony. Images $5.95 $14.50
Pterostylis pedunculata Maroonhoods Easy to grow terrestrial orchid suited to a reasonably moist and shady position or pot. Maroon and green flower stems rise from a rosette of leaves. Dies off after flowering but resprouts in autumn. Over the years will form a colony. Images $5.95 $14.50
Pterygopappus lawrencei Sage Cushion Plant Endemic to alpine Tasmania, this light green cushion plant is a slow grower. Best in a pot, or try a moist, cool, well drained spot in the garden. Images G2-6, P6-9. $8.95 $18.50
Ptilotus spathulatus Possum-tails Unusual plant with leaves flat to the ground and fluffy, creamy-white flower heads erect to 10 cm. Best in dry or well-drained sunny sites. Handsome in a pot or a rockery. Images $3.25 $9.95
Pultenaea daphnoides var obcordata Large-leaved Bush Pea Quick growing shrub to 2-3 m, best in well-drained or dry conditions. Can be temperamental. Yellow pea flowers in spring. Images G3-8, P3-7. $3.25 $9.95
Pultenaea gunnii Golden Bush Pea A low spreading shrub to 40 cm high by 1.5 m wide. Small, blue-green leaves and yellow-orange pea flowers in spring. Dry to average soils. Images $4.95 $9.95
Pultenaea juniperina Prickly Beauty Suckering upright stems to 1.2m. Small pungent leaves give rise to yellow pea flowers in spring. Can form sizable stands - useful to bind the soil. Images G6-9, P3-7. $3.25 $9.95
Pultenaea pedunculata Matted Bush Pea A finely foliaged ground cover, often forming a dense mat and spreading up to 1.5 m. Yellow or yellow/orange pea flowers in spring. Very hardy in a dry site. Images G6-9, P5-8. $4.95 $9.95
Pultenaea stricta Rigid Bush Pea A dense, spreading shrub to 50 cm high and 1 m wide. Hardy in most sites. The yellow and reddish-brown pea flowers appear in spring. Images $4.95 $9.95


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