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Plant list - Ferns

Tasmania has more than 50 species of fern, ranging from the mighty treeferns to small, floating Azolla.

All ferns that we sell are adapted to moist habitats, and some are suitable for indoor plants. These are indicated below with an asterisk.

All ferns are sold in 75 mm pots, and most in 140 mm pots. Large specimens of Dicksonia antarctica (height 60 cm and 1 m) are also available.


Click on the species name to go to the listing for the plant in the main alphabetical catalogue.

The main alphabetical catalogue has cultivation details, prices, and a link to photos of each species.

Adiantum aethiopicum      Common Maidenhair*
Asplenium appendiculatum     Narrow Spleenwort
Asplenium bulbiferum     Hen and Chicken Fern*
Azolla filiculoides     Red Azolla
Blechnum fluviatile     Ray Water Fern
Blechnum minus     Soft Water Fern
Blechnum minus x wattsii     Hybrid Water Fern
Blechnum nudum     Fishbone Water Fern*
Blechnum patersonii     Strap Water Fern
Blechnum penna-marina     Alpine Water Fern
Blechnum wattsii     Hard Water Fern
Cyathea australis     Rough Treefern* (when young)
Cyathea cunninghamii     Slender Treefern
Dicksonia antarctica     Soft Tree Fern
Microsorum pustulatum     Kangaroo Fern
Polystichum proliferum     Mother Shieldfern
Todea barbara     King Fern

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