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Plant Lists

We provide many lists for you to look for plants to suit your needs. The main lists are botanical
names by alphabetical order. Click on the letter below to go to a list of plants starting with that
letter. Acacias and Eucalypts have their own pages. On these pages there are cultivation notes for each species, as well as prices for tubestock and more advanced plants. General cultivation notes are available here.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T V W X Z     Acacia     Eucalyptus

Note that these lists contain all (or nearly all) the Tasmanian plants that we grow. Many of these may not be available at a particualr time due to the cycle of production and customer interest. We also grow many mainland species - click here for a list of some of the mainland species currently available or in production.

We also provide lists of plants along themes, such as flower colour, size, suitability for dry climates etc. Click on a link to get a list of plants with the characteristic listed. We also have lists of plants that grow naturally in suburban areas around Hobart, as well as plants suggested for each southern Tasmanian municipality by NRM South.

We are always on the lookout for new lists, so if you have a suggestion that you would like to see, please contact the nursery.

Plants that grow naturally in suburban Hobart and further afield

Click here for a list of plants from your suburb or town

(If your town is not listed here, contact the nursery and we'll get a list together for you).

Soil type

Preferred soil conditions for many commonly-grown plants  

Thematic plant lists

(We will be slowly getting these lists and links active. Contact the nursery if you want information that is not here yet)

Distribution and Status

Endemic to Tasmania     Threatened plants

Plant Uses

Edible plants    Spiky plants     Hedging plants    Plants for Envirocycle     Wallaby Resistant Plants     Fragrant Plants

Bird-attracting Plants 

Flower colour

Red     Yellow     Blue    Green     White     Pink     Purple

Plant size

Groundcover    Small shrub (<2 m)   Tall shrub (>2 m)    Tree    Climber/vine


Alpine    Rainforest     Dry forest     Coastal     Wetlands

Plant type

Eucalypts     Wattles    Ferns    Conifers (Pines)    Peas    Orchids     Grasses     Daisies     Lilies     Proteaceae



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