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Plant list - Spiky Plants

Most of these plants are hard to handle! The spiky bits can be the leaves, sharp ends to branchlets, or just plain spines. All of them can be used to control access to places you don't want people or animals to go. On the other hand, many of these are loved by birds. The spikiest? - probably the Tree Violet (more spikes than leaves) and the Furze Needlebush, which is a seriously difficult plant to prune.


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Acacia axillaris     Midlands Wattle
Acacia genistifolia     Prostrate Form
Acacia riceana     Rices Wattle
Acacia ulicifolia     Juniper Wattle
Acacia verticillata     Prickly Moses
Bursaria spinosa     Prickly Box
Daviesia ulicifolia     Spiky Bitter Pea
Epacris gunnii     Gunn's Heath
Epacris impressa     Pink Heath
Epacris mucronulata     Franklin's Heath
Hakea epiglottis     Beaked Needlebush
Hakea lissosperma    Mountain Needlebush
Hakea megadenia     Autumn Needlebush
Hakea microcarpa     Small Needlebush
Hakea nodosa     Yellow Needlebush
Hakea ulicina     Furze Needlebush
Hymenanthera dentata     Tree Violet
Leptecophylla juniperina     Common Pink Berry
Olearia pinifolia     Pine Daisy
Pultenaea juniperina     Prickly Beauty
Richea dracophylla     Dragon Leaf Richea
Richea gunnii     Gunn's Candle Heath
Richea milliganii     Nodding Candle Heath
Richea pandanifolia     Pandani
Richea procera     Lowland Richea
Richea scoparia     Scoparia

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