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Plant list by botanical name - R

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The prices shown are for plants in tubestock - 50 mm forestry tubes or 75 mm round pots. Larger sizes are available for many species.

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Species Name Common Name Description Price
Ranunculus prasinus Tunbridge Buttercup Endemic, threatened, spreading herbaceous perennial. Yellow flowers in spring/summer. Requires a moist location in full sun. Images Distribution Map.

Ranunculus triplodontus Threetooth Buttercup Small endemic shrub to 20 cm high and wide with bright-green three-toothed leaves and yellow flowers. Grows well in dappled shade to full sun in moderate to damp conditions. Images Distribution Map.

Rhagodia candolleana Seaberry Saltbush A scrambling coastal shrub with small, bright green succulent leaves and small red shiny berries. Best in a sunny spot in light or sandy soils. Images Distribution Map.

Richea acerosa Eastern Candle Heath An erect, rigid shrub to 1.2m. Endemic, mainly to Tasmania's eastern mountains. Creamy white flowers. Moist, cool spot or pot. Images Distribution Map.
Richea dracophylla Dragon Leaf Richea Endemic shrub to 3m from Tasmania's moist forests. Creamy white flowers on terminal spikes in summer. A striking foliage plant for cool, moist garden or pot. Images Distribution Map. P.O.A.
Richea gunnii Gunn's Candle Heath A shrub to 1m, endemic to Tasmania's central and eastern mountains, where it is commonly found in very wet sites. Leaves are gradually lost from the lower stems. Flowers are creamy white. Cool, moist to wet sites or pot. Images Distribution Map.
Richea pandanifolia Pandani Queen of the Richeas. The long tapering leaves of this striking plant, make for a distinctive garden or pot plant. Endemic to Tasmanias mountains and wet forests. Requires a moist, cool, well drained, well composted site. Terrific in a pot. Images Distribution Map. P.O.A.
Richea procera Lowland Richea An upright-stemmed endemic Tasmanian shrub to 1.5m. Creamy yellow flowers in spring. Best in a moist, cool site or pot. Images Distribution Map.
Richea scoparia Scoparia Slow growing, dense, prickly, endemic Tasmanian shrub to 1.2m, well known by bushwalkers for its tactile features, but also its magnificent floral displays of red, gold, pink or white in summer. Moist, cool site or pot.  Images Distribution Map.
Rubus gunnianus Alpine Raspberry A prostrate, glossy-leaved matting plant, endemic to Tasmanian mountains. White flowers followed by edible red berries. Moist site or pot. Images Distribution Map.

Rubus parvifolius Native Raspberry A hardy trailing or climbing plant to 1.5m with small, hooked thorns. Pink flowers in summer followed by small, red, edible berries. Grows naturally from Tasmania to Japan. Images Distribution Map.


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