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The prices shown are for plants in tubestock - 50 mm forestry tubes or 75 mm round pots. Larger sizes are available for many species.


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Species Name Common Name Description Price
Odixia achlaena Golden Everlastingbush A rare, fast-growing bushy shrub to 2 m endemic to eastern Tasmania. Attractive foliage and yellow daisy flowers that are long lasting and excellent for indoor decoration. Prune after flowering if a compact shrub is required. Images Distribution Map
Odixia angusta Roundhead Everlastingbush A rare, fast-growing bushy shrub to 2 m endemic to eastern Tasmania where it grows in coastal heath. White flowers in spring. Aromatic foliage. Images Distribution Map
Olearia argophylla Musk Shrub to 3-5 m in a moist site. Large, pale green and silvery leaves. Bunches of creamy white flowers in spring. Images Distribution Map
Olearia lepidophylla Clubmoss Daisy Bush A shrub up to 1m, occuring naturally in coastal areas. Tiny grey-green leaves are pressed close to the stems and display white daisy flowers in autumn. Well drained sites. Images Distribution Map
Olearia phlogopappa Dusty Daisy Bush A quick growing shrub to 1.5m, but temperamental. A massed display of white daisy flowers in spring. Can be pruned if a compact shrub is required. Images Distribution Map Pink- and purple-flowered forms are also available.
Olearia phlogopappa var. subrepanda Mountain Dusty Daisy Bush A bushy, grey foliaged shrub to 1m from higher altitudes. Best in a well drained but moist site. Massed white daisy flowers in spring. Distribution Map
Olearia pinifolia Prickly Alpine Daisybush Endemic to Tasmanian mountains, this upright bush to 2m, has needle-like foliage and white daisy flowers in spring. Old specimens in the mountains can be quite striking. Cool, moist sites. Images Distribution Map
Orites diversifolius Variable Orites An endemic Tasmanian shrub to 2m. Glossy foliage, and delightful, creamy-white, scented flowers in spring. Best in a cool, moist, well drained site. Images Distribution Map
Ornduffia reniformis Running Marsh Flower A wetland plant with kidney-shaped leaves and yellow flowers on stems to 60 cm. Will grow in wet soils or to depths to 40 cm in ponds, where the leaves float on the surface. Images Distribution Map
Oxylobium ellipticum Golden Rosemary Dense shrub to 2.5 m with golden-yellow pea flowers in spring. Images Distribution Map
Ozothamnus buchananii Dusty Everlastingbush Recently discovered species from NE Tasmania. Stiff, grey-blue foliage to 1.5 m and white flowers in spring. Grows well in average to moist conditions. Frost and snow resistant. Images Distribution Map.
Ozothamnus costatifructus Eastcoast Everlastingbush Upright shrub to 2 m with grey-green foliage abnd creamy-white flowers. Endemic to coastal southern and eastern Tasmania. Images Distribution Map.
Ozothamnus expansifolius Crowded Everlastingbush Attractive, grey-foliaged, hardy, upright endemic shrub to 1-2 m. Flowerheads with attractive reddish-brown bracts. Images Distribution Map.
Ozothamnus ferrugineus Tree Everlastingbush Quick growing, dense bush to 3 m. White flowers in late spring. Images Distribution Map
Ozothamnus ledifolius Mountain Spice A compact, slow growing shrub to 50cm, endemic to Tasmanian mountains. The neat, glossy foliage wafts a spicy aroma in summer. Orange flower buds open to white flower heads in late spring. Prefers a moist, cool but fairly sunny site. Images Distribution Map
Ozothamnus lycopodioides Eastern Bush-Everlasting A low bush to 80 cm that is endemic to rocky hill sides in eastern Tasmania. The white flowers, which are offset by brown bracts, are outstanding. Must be well-drained. Images Distribution Map
Ozothamnus obcordatus Spicy Bush-Everlasting A softly foliaged, aromatic shrub, growing from 1m to 1.5m. Clusters of yellow flowers are well displayed in spring. Enjoys sandy and well drained soils. Drought tolerant. Images Distribution Map
Ozothamnus purpurascens Purple Bush-Everlasting An erectly-branched shrub to 2 m endemic to drier areas of Tasmania. Aromatic foliage. Buds often have a purplish tinge, opening to white. Dry or well-drained sites. Images Distribution Map
Ozothamnus reflexifolius Reflexed Bush-Everlasting A recently-discovered small bush to 60 cm, endemic to dry hilly country east of the Derwent River near Hobart. It features small, intricate leaves and creamy-white flowers in spring. Recommended for dry and well-drained soils. Trim after flowering for a compact bush. Images Distribution Map.
Ozothamnus reticulatus Coastal Bush-Everlasting A striking grey-foliaged shrub to 1.5 m for well-drained and coastal sites. White flowers in summer. Images Distribution Map.
Ozothamnus rosmarinifolius Swamp Bush-Everlasting - Redbud This form is an erect growing shrub to 2 m with grey foliage and showy red buds opening to white flowers in late spring. Used as cut foliage. Images Distribution Map (for the species)
Ozothamnus rosmarinifolius Swamp Bush-Everlasting - Silver Jubilee A silvery soft-leaved form to 2 m. Pink buds open to white flowers in summer.
Ozothamnus scutellifolius Scale-leaf Bush-Everlasting Small shrub to 1.5 m with tiny, shield-shaped leaves pressed against the stems and pale yellow flowers in spring. A Tasmanian endemic that withstands prolonged dry periods once established. Well-drained soils. Tip prune to maintain bushy growth habit. Images Distribution Map.


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