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Plant list by botanical name - E

Click on the species name to get further information about the plant. There are also links to images and distribution maps.

The prices shown are for plants in tubestock - 50 mm forestry tubes or 75 mm round pots. Larger sizes are available for many species.

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Species Name Common Name Description Price
Elaeocarpus reticulatus Blueberry Ash Slow growing, bushy shrub that will reach 5m x 2.5m in 10 years. Features pinkish new growth, white fringed flowers and deep blue berries. Prefers a moist spot. In Tasmania it grows naturally on Flinders and King Islands, but is widespread in wet forests of eastern Australia. Images Distribution Map
Epacris barbata Bearded Heath A small shrub endemic to Tasmania's east coast growing from 60 cm to 1 m. SHowy white flowers in spring. Best in a moist, sandy or well-drained soil or as a tub specimen. Dappled shade or part sun recommended. Responds well to pruning. Images Distribution Map
Epacris graniticola Granite Heath Rare and endangered endemic heat from north-east Tasmania. Erect, multi-stemmed plant with small, pointed leaves that grows to 1.5 m White heath flowers in spring. Average to moist conditions. Images Distribution Map
Epacris gunnii Gunn's Heath A small shrub to 60cm with a profusion of white flowers in spring. Endemic to Tasmania. Well drained soils. A double form is also available. Images Distribution Map
Epacris impressa Common Heath A shrub to 60cm with pink, white or red flowers, usually in autumn and/or winter, and attracting honeyeaters. Not the easiest plant to establish - best in well drained soils. Responds well to pruning Images Distribution Map
Epacris lanuginosa Swamp Heath Upright, fine-foliaged heath to 1 m topped with snowy white flowers in late spring. Moist, well-drained site or pot. Responds well to pruning. Images Distribution Map
Epacris mucronulata Franklin's Heath A bushy shrub to 1m, endemic to western Tasmania. Small white bell flowers in spring. Best in a cool moist site. Images Distribution Map
Epacris myrtifolia Cliff Heath A reasonably vigorous and bushy Epacris, growing to about 60cm. Endemic to Tasmania's east coast. The dense foliage is not prickly and displays an abundance of white flowers in spring. Best in a well drained spot. Images Distribution Map
Epacris paludosa Flinders Mountain Heath A vigorous upright heath, from Flinders Island. To 1m, with white flowers in spring. Happily pruned. Well drained spot. Images Distribution Map
Epacris petrophila Alpine Rock Heath A very finely foliaged heath to 40cm, with white flowers in spring. Moist, cool, well drained spot or as a pot plant. Images Distribution Map
Epacris serpyllifolia Alpine Heath A fine foliaged heath, endemic to Tasmanian mountains. Upright to 60cm, or a low spreading form. White flowers in spring. Cool, moist and well drained. Images Distribution Map
Eriostemon see Philotheca    
Euchiton umbricola Alpine Silver Leaf A plant of mountain habitats growing into a low sivlery mound. Small cream-brown flowers on stems to 15 cm. Best in moist, cool sites. Images Distribution Map

Eucryphia lucida Leatherwood (seed-grown) Endemic Tasmanian large shrub or small tree, growing 5-8m. Large, white, distinctively perfumed, four-petalled flowers in summer. Readily pruned. Best in a moist, cool position or pot. Plants are grown from seed, so may take a while to start flowering. Images Distribution Map
Eucryphia lucida

Leatherwood (cutting-grown)

Leatherwoods with 'standard' white flowers grown from cuttings, so will flower next summer.
Eucryphia lucida Leatherwood Cream The cream, variegated foliage of this Leatherwood, lights up a shady corner, as does the pinkish new growth in spring, followed by white flowers in summer. Best in a cool moist position.
Eucryphia lucida Ballerina A tall shrub or small tree and growing 5-8m, in a moist, cool position. Readily pruned. Pale pink, four-petalled flowers in summer, have deep pink stamens.
Eucryphia lucida Gillanders' Rose A form with large, darker pink flowers in late summer. Expect 5-8m, but easily pruned. Best in a moist, cool site. Named after Ken Gillanders, nurseryman extraordinaire.
Eucryphia lucida Pink Cloud Large, four-petalled, pale pink flowers, adorn this Leatherwood in summer. Expect 5-8m, but easily pruned. Best in a moist, cool site.
Eucryphia milliganii Small-Leaved Leatherwood A compact, glossy leaved, slow growing shrub to 2m in 10yrs. Endemic to Tasmania's high rainfall and mountain areas. Small, white, delightfully scented flowers in late summer. Best in a cool, moist garden. Images Distribution Map These plants are seed-grown. Cutting-grown plants may be available on occasions.
Euryomyrtus ramosissima Rosy Heath-Myrtle A finely foliaged shrub to 60cm with massed pale pink flowers often with darker pink markings in spring. Best in a well drained site. A beautiful plant. G4-7, P5-8. More information here. Distribution Map
Euryomyrtus prostrata Creeping Heath-Myrtle Prostrate fine foliaged plants, spreading to 1m, with small, white to pale pink tea-tree like flowers in spring. Well drained sites. Images


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