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Plant list by botanical name - N

Click on the species name to get further information about the plant. There are also links to images and distribution maps.

The prices shown are for plants in tubestock - 50 mm forestry tubes or 75 mm round pots. Larger sizes are available for many species.


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Species Name Common Name Description Price
Nematolepis squamea Satinwood A shiny-leaved large shrub to 3-5 m for moist, cool sites. Starry white flowers in spring. Images Distribution Map
Nematolepis squamea ssp retusa Small-leaved Satinwood A shrub to 2 m with shiny leaves and starry white flowers in spring. Endemic to Tasmania. Images Distribution Map
Notelaea ligustrina Native Olive Slow growing large shrub or small tree to 3-6 m. Shiny leaves and small berries. Suitable for most sites, but likes extra water. Images Distribution Map
Nothofagus cunninghamii Myrtle Exquisitely foliaged large shrub or tree, often with bronze coloured new growth in late spring. Expect 5m or more, but is readily pruned. Prefers a moist, cool site. Great for pot, or bonsai. Images Distribution Map
Nothofagus gunnii Fagus/Deciduous Beech/Tanglefoot Tasmania's iconic, winter deciduous shrub. Endemic to Tasmania but not easy to propagate or grow. Probably best in a pot, unless you have a cold garden. Slow growing. Rarely available. Images Distribution Map POA


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