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Plant list by botanical name - V

Click on the species name to get further information about the plant. There are also links to images and distribution maps.

The prices shown are for plants in tubestock - 50 mm forestry tubes or 75 mm round pots. Larger sizes are available for many species.

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Species Name Common Name Description Price
Velleia montana Mountain Velleia A flat rosette of leaves gives rise to small yellow or reddish-yellow flowers on short stems. Looks best if grown in shade. Images Distribution Map

Velleia paradoxa Spur Velleia A low rosette of leaves gives rise in summer to distinctive scented yellow flowers on stems to 40cm. Prefers well drained and dry sites. Rare in Tasmania. Images Distribution Map

Veronica calycina Hairy Speedwell Low suckering herb with mauve flowers widespread in Tasmania. A useful groundcover for damper and shadier conditions. Images Distribution Map

Veronica ciliolata Ben Lomond Cushion Plant A rare alpine cushion plant found only at Ben Lomond and in New Zealand. Best in a pot or in moist, gravelly, cool conditions. Images Distribution Map Was Chionohebe ciliolata.

Veronica continua Eastcoast Speedwell Bush A quick growing endemic shrub to 1m, with blue flowers at the ends of upright stems. Images Distribution Map

Veronica derwentiana Derwent Speedwell Tall perennial shrub with stems to 1 m and sprays of pale blue flowers in summer. Prefers a moist situation, and can be cut back hard (to near ground level) after flowering to encourage new growth. Used to be called Derwentia derwentiana. Images Distribution Map

Veronica formosa Speedwell Bush A quick growing plant to 1m, with many stems arising from the base. We often have different forms available, with pink, mauve, purple-blue or white flowers. Spring flowering. Can be cut back hard. Images Distribution Map

Veronica gracilis Slender Speedwell A small spreading plant with blue or mauve flowers in spring. Can die back in winter but reappears in spring. Spreads by underground stems. Images Distribution Map

Viminaria juncea Golden Spray Exceedingly rare in Tasmania. Grows quickly to a large shrub or small tree with masses of golden yellow pea flowers in spring. Images Distribution Map
Viola betonicifolia Showy Violet Tiny gem that grows to 10 cm. Striking purple flowers on short stems in spring and early summer. Prefers a moist, shaded spot. May die back in winter, reappearing in spring. Images Distribution Map
Viola cunninghamii Alpine Violet Spreading ground cover with typical violet leave that shoot from a creeping rhizome. Beautiful purple-lined white flowers in spring are followed by fascinating cleistogamous flowers (look it up!) in summer. May die back over winter, but will reappear in spring. Best suited to cooler, moist situations. Images Distribution Map
Viola hederacea Native Violet A stemless perennial spreading by stolons. Small mauve and white flowers in spring and summer. An attractive groundcover for shady, average to moist conditions. Images Distribution Map
Viola hederacea Zeehan Blue A small leaved form of Viola hederacea from the west coast with small flowers in summer of deep purple-blue and white. Prefers a moist spot. A nice groundcover or as a low plant in a pot.
Vittadinia muelleri Narrow-leaf New Holland Daisy Rare daisy that grows in the midlands and hills around Hobart. Masses of small purple flowers in spring and summer. Short-lived, but will seed in. Suited to drier conditions. Images Distribution Map


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