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Plant list - Lilies, Irises and relatives

The family Liliaceae used to be a grab-bag of many different plants with 6-petalled flowers. These have now been split into many different families reflecting the wide variety of plants in the group, but we still think oif thesm as lilies. Amongst this group are some of our most reliable landscaping plants (Sagg, White-flag Iris, Flax Lilies), but also some small, delicate and beautiful gems. Many of the smaller species die back over summer and reshoot in winter/spring to give us a surprise as they burst into flower.


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Arthropodium milleflorum     Pale Vanilla-Lily
Arthropodium minus     Small Vanilla-Lily
Arthropodium strictum     Chocolate Lily
Astelia alpina     Pineapple Grass
Blandfordia punicea     Christmas Bells
Bulbine bulbosa     Golden Lily
Bulbine glauca     Rock Lily
Bulbine semibarbata     Leek Lily
Caesia calliantha      Grass Lily
Dianella brevicaulis     Arching Flax Lily
Dianella revoluta     Narrow-leaved Flax Lily
Dianella tasmanica     Tasman Flax Lily
Diplarrena latifolia     Western Flag Iris
Diplarerea moraea     White Flag Iris
Herpolirion novae-zelandiae     Sky Lily
Isophysis tasmanica     Tasmanian Purple-star
Libertia pulchella     Pretty Grass-Flag
Lomandra longifolia     Sagg
Lomandra nana     Dwarf Mat-rush
Patersonia fragilis      Short Purple Flag
Patersonia occidentalis      Long Purple Flag
Thelionema caespitosa     Tufted Lily
Xanthorrhoea australis     Grass Tree

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