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Plant list - Small Shrubs

These plants are small shrubs to about 2 m maximum, though many are lower. In some cases it is a particular low-growing form that is maintained by growing from cuttings.


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Acacia genistifolia     Spreading Wattle (prostrate form)
Acacia mucronata     Narrow-leaf Wattle (spreading form)
Acacia suaveolons     Sweet-scented Wattle
Almaleea subumbellata     Wiry Bush Pea
Amperea xiphoclada     Weavers Plant
Aotus ericoides     Golden Pea
Astroloma pinifolium     Pine Heath
Baeckea gunniana     Alpine Baeckea
Baeckea imbricata     Heathmyrtle
Banksia marginata     Silver Banksia (small forms)
Bauera rubioides     Wiry Bauera
Boronia anemonifolia     Sticky Boronia
Boronia citriodora     Lemon Scented Boronia
Boronia nana     Dwarf Boronia
Boronia pilosa     Fine-Leaf Boronia
Boronia rhomboidea     Broad-leaf Boronia
Bossiaea cinerea     Showy Bossiaea
Bossiaea cordigera     Wiry Bossiaea
Bossiaea riparia     River Bossiaea
Brachyscome aculeata     Hill Daisy
Brachyscome radicans     Marsh Daisy
Brachyscome rigidula     Cutleaf Daisy
Brachyscome spathulata     Spoonleaf Daisy
Calocephalus citreus     Lemon Beauty Heads
Calocephalus lacteus     Milky Beauty Heads
Calytrix tetragona     Common Fringemyrtle
Centrolepis strigosa     Bristlewort
Chrysocephalum apiculatum     Yellow Buttons
Clematis aristata     Old Mans Beard
Coronidium scorpioides     Creeping Everlasting
Correa backhouseana     Velvet Correa
Correa reflexa     Common Correa
Cryptandra amara     Sweet Winter Cryptandra
Dampiera stricta     Blue Dampiera
Dillwynia cinerascens     Grey Parrot-Pea
Dillwynia glaberrima     Smooth Parrot Pea
Dillwynia sericea     Showy Parrot Pea
Epacris gunnii     Gunn's Heath
Epacris impressa     Common Heath
Epacris lanuginosa     Swamp Heath
Epacris mucronulata     Franklin's Heath
Epacris paludosa     Flinders Mountain Heath
Epacris petrophila     Alpine Rock Heath
Epacris serpyllifolia     Alpine Heath
Euryomyrtus ramosissima     Rosy Heathmyrtle
Gonocarpus micranthus     Creeping Raspwort
Gonocarpus teucrioides     Forest Raspwort
Goodenia ovata     Parrots Foot
Grevillea australis     Southern Grevillea (spreading forms)
Helichrysum leucopsideum     Satin Everlasting
Hibbertia empetrifolia     Scrambling Guinea Flower
Hibbertia riparia     Erect Guinea Flower
Hibbertia serpyllifolia     Fine Leaved Guinea Flower
Isopogon ceratophyllus     Horny Cone Bush
Kunzea ambigua     Sweet Scented Kunzea (prostrate form)
Lasiopetalum baueri     Slender Velvet Bush
Lasiopetalum macrophyllum     Shrubby Velvet Bush
Lasiopetalum micranthum     Spreading Velvet Bush
Leptospermum rupestre     Alpine Tea Tree
Leucochrysum albicans     Midlands Daisy
Leucopogon collinus     Winter Beard Heath
Leucopogon virgatus     Twiggy Beard Heath
Lomatia tinctoria     Guitar Plant
Micrantheum hexandrum     River Tridentbush (cascading form)
Micrantheum serpentinum     Serpentine Micrantheum
Mirbelia oxylobioides     Mountain Mirbelia
Olearia lepidophylla     Clubmoss Daisy Bush
Olearia phlogopappa     Dusty Daisy Bush
Ozothamnus hookeri     Mountain Bush-Everlasting
Ozothamnus ledifolius     Mountain Spice
Ozothamnus obcordatus     Spicy Bush-Everlasting
Pelargonium australe     Southern Storksbill
Philotheca verrucosa     Fairy Wax Flower
Philotheca virgata     Twiggy Wax Flower
Pimelea filiformis     Trailing Riceflower
Pimelea humilis     Dwarf Pimelea
Pimelea linifolia     Nodding Pimelea
Platylobium formosum     Handsome Flat Pea
Pultenaea juniperina     Prickly Beauty
Spyridium lawrencei     Small-leaf Dusty-miller
Spyridium parvifolium      Dusty Miller
Spyridium vexilliferum     Propeller Plant
Stackhousia monogyna     Creamy Candles
Stackhousia spathulata      Coast Candles
Tetragonia implexicoma     Bower Spinach
Tetratheca ciliata     Round-leaved Black Eyed Susan
Tetratheca labillardierei     Leggy Black Eyed Susan
Tetratheca pilosa     Black Eyed Susan
Veronica formosa     Speedwell Bush
Vittadinia muelleri     Narrow Leaf New Holland Daisy
Wahlenbergia gymnoclada     Naked Bluebell
Wahlenbergia stricta     Bluebell
Westringia angustifolia     Narrowleaf Westringia
Westringia rubiaefolia     Sticky Westringia
Xerochrysum bracteatum     Golden Everlasting
Xerochrysum papillosum     St. Mary's Daisy
Xerochrysum subundulatum     Showy Everlasting

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