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Plant list - Vines

Tasmania vines range from Comeperma volubile, which is hardly noticed until it bursts into flower in spring, to Muehlenbeckia gunni, which is the best plant in Tasmania to grow over your outdoor privy or chook shed. The beautiful climber that rambles over the nursery entrance is Pandorea pandorana, and both species of Billardiera have edible fruits.


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Billardiera longiflora     Climbing Blue Berry   
Billardiera longiflora     Climbing White Berry  
Billardiera longiflora     Scrambling Red Berry
Billardiera longiflora     Notley Gorge   
Billardiera longiflora     Porky Purple   
Billardiera scandens     Apple Berry
Clematis aristata     Old Man's Beard  
Clematis aristata x gentianoides     Garden Surprise 
Clematis microphylla    Small-leaved Clematis   
Comesperma volubile     Blue Love-Creeper     
Glycine clandestina     Twining Glycine   
Muehlenbeckia gunnii     Macquarie Vine   
Pandorea pandorana     Wonga Vine   

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