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Plant list - Threatened Plants

Many of the plants that we sell are rare or have limited distributions, and have been listed by the Tasmanian Government as threatened in the state (though some of them are widepsread on the mainland). It is an important role of Plants of Tasmania Nursery to maintain a selection of these species in cultivation, in part to provide back up to natural populations.


Click on the species name to go to the listing for the plant in the main alphabetical catalogue. The listing after the common name is the species' status in Tasmania. The link is to the Tasmanian Government information sheet for the species, which provides a lot of interesting and useful information about the plants in the bush.

The main alphabetical catalogue has cultivation details, prices, and a link to photos of each species.

Acacia axillaris     Midlands Wattle      Vulnerable
Acacia pataczekii     Wally's Wattle      Rare
Acacia ulicifolia     Juniper Wattle     Rare
Acacia uncifolia     Wirilda      Rare
Allocasuarina duncanii     Duncan's Sheoak      Rare
Banksia serrata     Saw Leaf Banksia      Rare
Barbarea australis     Austral Wintercress      Endangered
Brachyscome rigidula     Cutleaf Daisy     Vulnerable
Calocephalus citreus     Lemon Beauty Heads     Rare
Calocephalus lacteus     Milky Beauty Heads      Rare
Chionohebe ciliolata     Ben Lomond Cushionplant     Vulnerable
Chorizandra enodis     Black Bristlesedge     Endangered
Cryptandra amara     Sweet Winter Cryptandra      Endangered
Cyathea cunninghamii     Slender Treefern     Endangered
Cyphanthera tasmanica      Tasmania Rayflower     Rare
Dianella amoena      Tasmania Rayflower     Rare
Elaeocarpus reticulatus     Blueberry Ash      Rare
Eucalyptus barberi     Barber's gum      Rare
Eucalyptus morrisbyi     Morrisby's Gum      Endangered
Eucalyptus perriniana     Spinning Gum      Rare
Geum talbotianum     Tasmanian Alpine Geum      Rare
Hakea ulicina     Furze Needlebush      Vulnerable
Hardenbergia violaceae     Purple Coralpea     Endangered
Isopogon ceratophyllum     Horny Conebush     Vulnerable
Lasiopetalum micranthum     Spreading Velvet Bush      Rare
Leucochrysum albicans var. Tricolor     Midlands Everlasting      Endangered
Melaleuca pustulata     Yellow Paperbark      Rare
Mentha australis      River Mint      Endangered
Micrantheum serpentinum     Serpentine Micrantheum      Rare
Microstrobus niphophilus     Mount Mawson Pine      Vulnerable
Myoporum parvifolium     Creeping Boobialla     Vulnerable
Pandorea pandorana     Wonga Vine      Rare
Phebalium daviesii     Davies' Phebalium      Endangered
Prostanthera rotundifolia     Roundleaf Mintbush      Vulnerable
Ranunculus prasinus      Tunbridge Buttercup     Endangered
Scaevola aemula      Fairy Fan Flower     Endangered
Spyridium vexilliferum     Propeller Plant      Rare
Tetratheca ciliata     Round-Leaved Black-Eyed Susan      Rare
Thryptomene micrantha      Ribbed Heathmyrtle      Vulnerable
Viminaria juncea     Golden Spray      Endangered
Vittadinia muelleri      Narrow-leaf New Holland Daisy      Rare
Westringia angustifolia     Narrowleaf Westringia      Rare
Westringia brevifolia     Short-leaved Westringia     Rare
Zieria littoralis     Downy Zieria      Rare

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