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Plant list - Peas

Native peas are renowned for producing masses of flower in spring. Tasmanian species range from climbers to tall shrubs, with flower colour from yellow through to orange, red, pink and purple. Most are plants of the dry forest, and are good in low maintenance gardens.


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Almaleea subumbellata     Wiry Bush Pea
Aotus ericoides     Golden Pea
Bossiaea cinerea     Showy Bossiaea
Bossiaea cordigera     Wiry Bossiaea
Bossiaea riparia     River Bossiaea
Daviesia latifolia     Bitter Hop Pea
Daviesia ulicifolia     Spiky Bitter Pea
Dillwynia cinerascens     Grey Parrot-Pea
Dillwynia glaberrima     Smooth Parrot Pea
Dillwynia sericea     Showy Parrot Pea
Glycine clandestina     Twining Glycine
Goodia lotifolia     Golden Tip
Hardenbergia violacea     Purple Coral Pea
Hovea corrickiae     Glossy Purplepea
Hovea montana     Mountain Purplepea
Hovea tasmanica     Hill Hovea
Indigofera australis     Native Indigo
Kennedia prostrata     Running Postman
Mirbelia oxylobioides     Mountain Mirbelia
Oxylobium ellipticum      Golden Rosemary
Oxylobium arborescens    Tall Shaggypea
Platylobium formosum     Handsome Flatpea
Platylobium obtusangulum     Common Flatpea
Platylobium triangulare     Arrow Flatpea
Pultenaea daphnoides     Large-leaved Bush Pea
Pultenaea dentata     Clustered Bush Pea
Pultenaea gunnii     Golden Bush Pea
Pultenaea juniperina     Prickly Beauty
Pultenaea pedunculata     Matted Bush Pea
Pultenaea prostrata     Silky Bush Pea
Pultenaea stricta     Rigid Bush Pea
Stonesiella selaginoides     Clubmoss Bush Pea
Viminaria juncaea     Golden Spray
Phylotta diffusa     Tasman Phylotta

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