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Plant list - Pink flowers

Tasmania has some beautiful pink-flowered plants, from a rainforest climber to the fascinating trigger plants.


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Anopterus glandulosus     Native Laurel Southern Pink
Bauera rubioides     Trial Harbour
Bauera rubioides     Delicate Pink
Bauera rubioides     Prostrate Pink
Boronia anemonifolia     Sticky Boronia
Boronia citriodora     Lemon Scented Boronia
Boronia rhomboidea     Round Leaf Boronia
Calytrix tetragona     Pink Fringe Myrtle
Calytrix tetragona     Prostrate Pink
Calytrix tetragona     Waterfall Bay
Comesperma volubile     Pink Love-Creeper
Dampiera stricta     Flinders Pink
Epacris impressa     Pink Heath
Euryomyrtus ramosissima     Creeping Baeckea
Pelargonium australe     Southern Storksbill
Philotheca verrucosa     Fairy Wax - Neale's Pink
Prionotes cerinthoides     Climbing Heath
Stylidium armeria     Tetraploid Trigger
Stylidium dilatatum     Broadleaf Triggerplant
Trochocarpa disticha     Lune River Heath
Xerochrysum sp.     Linda's Pink
Zieria littoralis     Downy Zieria

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