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Plant list - Daisies

Tasmania's daisies range from small herbs to tall trees, and from Alpine cushion bushes to frontline coastal plants. Nearly all produce lots of flower, and many are brightly coloured. The Ozothamnuses are often fragrant (Mountain Spice and Spicy Everlastingbush in particular). There's a plant here for nearly every situation.


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Abrotanella forsteroides     Tasmanian Cushion Plant
Argentipallium dealbatum     White Everlasting
Argentipallium spiceri     Spicer's Everlasting
Bedfordia linearis     Slender Blanket Leaf
Bedfordia salicina     Blanket Leaf
Brachyscome aculeata     Hill Daisy
Brachyscome radicans     Marsh Daisy
Brachyscome rigidula     Cutleaf Daisy
Brachyscome spathulata     Spoonleaf Daisy
Calocephalus citreus     Lemon Beauty Heads
Calocephalus lacteus     Milky Beauty Heads
Cassinia aculeata     Dolly Bush
Celmisia asteliifolia     Silver Snow Daisy
Celmisia saxifraga     Small Snow Daisy
Chrysocephalum apiculatum     Yellow Buttons
Coronidium scorpioides    Creeping Everlasting
Craspedia alpina     Alpine Billy Buttons
Craspedia glauca     Billy Buttons
Euchiton umbricola     Alpine Silver Leaf
Helichrysum leucopsideum    Satin Everlasting
Helichrysum pumilum     Tiny Alpine Daisy
Leptorhynchos elongatus     Lanky Buttons
Leptorhynchos squamatus     Scaly Buttons
Leucochrysum albicans     Midlands Daisy
Leucophyta brownii     Silver Cushion Bush
Nablonium calyceroides     Spiny Everlasting
Odixia achlaena     Golden Everlastingbush
Odixia angustata     Rounded Everlastingbush
Olearia algida     Alpine Daisy Bush
Olearia archeri     Lanceleaf Daisybush
Olearia argophylla     Musk
Olearia hookeri     Crimsontip Daisy Bush
Olearia ledifolia     Rock Daisy Bush
Olearia lepidophylla     Clubmoss Daisy Bush
Olearia obcordata     Heart Leaf Daisy Bush
Olearia phlogopappa     Dusty Daisy Bush
Olearia pinifolia     Prickly Alpine Daisybush
Olearia viscosa    Viscid Daisybush
Ozothamnus costatifructus     East Coast Everlastingbush
Ozothamnus expansifolius     Crowded Everlastingbush
Ozothamnus ferrugineus      Tree Everlastingbush
Ozothamnus hookeri     Mountain Everlastingbush
Ozothamnus ledifolius     Mountain Spice
Ozothamnus lycopodioides     Eastern Everlastingbush
Ozothamnus obcordatus     Spicy Everlastingbush
Ozothamnus reflexifolius     Reflexed Everlastingbush
Ozothamnus reticularis     Veined Everlastingbush
Ozothamnus rodwayi     Rodway's Everlastingbush
Ozothamnus scutellifolius     Scale-Leaf Everlastingbush
Ozothamnus rosmarinifolius      Swamp Everlastingbush
Podolepis jaceoides     Showy Podolepis
Pterygopappus lawrencei     Sage Cushion Plant
Senecio linearifolius      Fireweed
Vittadinia muelleri     Narrow Leaf New Holland Daisy
Xerochrysum bracteatum     Golden Everlasting
Xerochrysum papillosum     St. Mary's Daisy
Xerochrysum subundulatum     Showy Everlasting

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