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Plant list - Wetlands Plants

Building a frog pond? These are plants that can be planted around the margins of a pond or in other boggy places. Some of the plants, marked with and asterisk in the list, can actually go into the water to provide even more habitat for tadpoles, fishes and other aquatic beasts.


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Apodasmia brownii     Coarse Twine Rush
Azolla filiculoides     Red Azolla*
Baloskion australe     Southern Cord Rush*
Baloskion tetraphyllus     Tassel Cord Rush*
Baumea juncea     Bare Twigsedge
Baumea tetragonia     Square Twigsedge
Blandfordia punicea     Christmas Bells
Carex appressa     Sedge*
Carex fascicularis     Tassel Sedge*
Carex longebrachiata     Drooping Sedge
Carex tasmanica     Curly Top Sedge
Chorizandra australis     Southern Bristlesedge
Chorizandra enodis     Black Bristlesedge
Dianella tasmanica     Tasman Flax Lily
Diplarrena latifolia     West Coast Flag Iris
Ficinia nodosa     Knobby Club Rush
Gymnoschoenus sphaerocephalus     Button Grass
Juncus pallidus     Pale Rush*
Libertia pulchella     Pretty Grass-Flag
Mazus pumilio     Swamp Mazus
Mentha australis     Native Mint
Neopaxia australasica     Mountain Purslane*
Patersonia fragilis     Short Purple Flag
Patersonia occidentalis     Long Purple Flag
Poa clivicola     Snowgrass
Poa labillardierei     Tussock Grass
Ranunculus prasinus     Midlands Buttercup
Triglochin procerum     Water Ribbons*
Villarsia reniformis     Running Marsh Flower*
Xyris gracilis     Tall Yelloweye*
Xyris operculata     Tasmanian Yelloweye*

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