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Plant list - Mainland Plants

We stock a selection of mainland plants as well as all our Tasmanian natives. This has been for a few reasons - too many people have come in and asked us for red-flowering gums thinking that they are Tasmanian natives, and when we can only show people one, white-flowered Grevillea, some are more than a bit disappointed. It is also hard to find mainland natives in tubes these days, and we wanted to be able to supply these to both gardeners and landscapers.

Mainland plants are kept in a separate section of the nursery. All mainland natives in 50 mm forestry tubes (seed-grown plants) are $3.50, in 75 mm pots (generally cutting-grown plants) are $5.50 (with afew exceptions), and most plants in 140 mm pots (the size that you normally buy from nurseries these days) are $10.95. Some plants brought from interstate are more expensive.


The list below is a partial list of the mainland plants that we aim to grow and/or sell. This list is not complete, but will be slowly added to as we propagate more species. Many species are only limited numbers or occasionally in stock. Click on the plant name to do a google search for that species.

Acmena Forest Flame
Acmena smithii
Adenanthos detmoldii
Adenanthos sericeus
Agonis flexuosa
Agonis flexuosa nana
Ammobium alatum
Angophora costata
Anigozanthos Autumn Blaze
Anigozanthos flavidus Green
Anigozanthos flavidus Red
Banksia ericifolia
Banksia formosa
Banksia Giant Candles
Banksia integrifolia
Banksia Little Eric
Banksia nivea
Banksia paludosa Dwarf Form
Banksia Serrata Pygmy Possum
Banksia integrifolia Sentinel
Boronia Carousel
Boronia megastigma
Callistemon Betka Beauty
Callistemon Captain Cook
Calistemon Cherry Time
Callistemon citrinus
Callistemon Dawson River Weeper
Callistemon forresterae
Callistemon Genoa Glory
Callistemon Injune
Callistemon kenmorrisonii
Callistemon Kings Park Special
Callistemon linearis
Callistemon Mauve Mist
Callistemon Purple Cloud
Callistemon Purple Splendour
Callistemon salignus
Callistemon Sugar Candy
Callistemon Summer Days
Correa backhouseana var orbicularis
Correa bauerlenii
Correa decumbens
Correa Dusky Bells
Corymbia eximia
Correa glabra Green
Correa glabra Red
Correa Marian's Marvel
Correa mannii
Correa reflexa nummilarifolia
Correa Royal Blush
Crowea exalata
Crowea exalata White
Crowea Festival
Crowea Poorinda Ecstacy
Crowea Southern Stars
Dampiera diversifolia
Darwinia citriodora Prostrate
Eucalyptus alpina
Eucalyptus camalduensis
Eucalyptus globulus compacta
Eucalyptus leucoxylon megacarpa
Eutaxia obovata nana
Eutaxia obovata
Gastrolobium praemorsum Brown Butterflies
Gastrolobium celsinianum
Grevillea acanthifolia
Grevillea barklyana
Grevillea Bronze Rambler
Grevillea Cherry Ripe
Grevillea Copper Crest
Grevillea Copper Rocket
Grevillea Flat Jack
Grevillea Forest Rambler
Grevillea gaudichaudiana
Grevillea Ivanhoe
Grevillea John Evans
Grevillea Knockout
Grevillea Lady O
Grevillea miqueliana
Grevillea Mt Tamboritha
Grevillea Murray Valley Queen
Grevillea Old Gold
Grevillea Pink Nectar
Grevillea Poorinda Peter
Grevillea Poorinda Royal Mantle
Grevillea rhyolitica
Grevillea rivularis
Grevillea Ruby Jewel
Grevillea semperflorens
Grevillea Superb
Grevillea Towera
Grevillea victoriae
Grevillea Winter Delight
Guichenotia macrantha
Hardenbergia violacea White
Hakea drupacea
Hardenbergia violacea Happy Wanderer
Hymenosporum flavum
Hypocalymna angustifolia
Isopogon formosus
Kunzea Badja Carpet
Kunzea baxteri
Kunzea pomifera
Leionema Green Sheen
Leptospermum Aphrodite
Leptospermum Copper Glow
Leptospermum continentale horizontalis
Leptospermum Fireball
Leptospermum Julieanne
Leptosermum Lemon Lemon Bun
Leptospermum Little Bun
Lepospermum Merinda
Leptospermum Mesmereyes
Leptospermum Outrageous
Leptospermum Pageant
Leptospermum Pearl
Leptospermum peterseni
Leptospermum Pink Pink Cascade
Leptospermum Riot
Leptospermum Starry Starry Night
Leptospermum White Opal
Leucophyta Silver Nugget
Lomandra Frosty Top
Lomandra hystrix
Lomandra Little Con
Macropodia fulgens
Melaleuca armillaris Mauve
Melaleuca fulgens
Melaleuca armillaris Green Globe
Melaleuca hypericifolia
Melaleuca incana nana
Melaleuca laterita
Melaleuca micromera
Myoporum parvifolium Broad Leaf White
Myoporum parvifolium Fine Leaf Pink
Myoporum parvifolium Fine Leaf White
Myoporum parvifolium Purpurea
Myoporum parvifolium Short Leaf Pink
Orthrosanthus multiflorus
Philotheca myoporoides
Philotheca Ruby Cascade
Phymatocarpus porphyrocephalus
Pimelea ferruginea White
Plectranthus argentatus
Prostanthera baxterii var. sericea
Prostanthera cuneata
Prostanthera Poorinda Poorinda Ballerina
Prostanthera walteri
Rhagodia spinescens
Spyridium scortechinii
Syzygium paniculatum
Tetratheca thymifolia White
Thryptomene calycina
Viola banksii
Westringia Aussie Box
Westringia Funky Chunky
Westringia Jervis Gem
Westringia Lilac and Lace
Westringia Smokey
Westringia White Rambler
Westringia Wynyabbie Gem
Zieria prostata



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