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Plant list - Alpine

A large area of Tasmania is alpine, and these are plants that grow up in these wild, cold extreme regions. Many will grow in a normal garden as long as they are in a cool spot and are kept moist - one thing that anyone who has done any bushwalks in the alpine areas of Tasmania knows is that it is wet up there. Most, if not all, of these plants grow well in containers as well, which mimics the rocky, soil-poor conditions in which they grow naturally.


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Abrotanella forsteroides    Tasmanian Cushionplant
Anisotome procumbens    Mountain Celery
Astelia alpina    Pineapple Grass
Baeckea gunniana    Spicy Alpine Baeckea
Bellendena montana    Mountain Rocket
Blechnum penna-marina    Alpine Water Fern
Boronia citriodora    Lemon Scented Boronia
Boronia rhomboidea    Round Leaf Boronia
Celmisia asteliifolia    Silver Snow Daisy
Celmisia saxifraga    Small Snow Daisy
Centrolepis monogyna    Western Pincushion
Coprosma moorei    Mat Coprosma
Coprosma pumila    Creeping Coprosma
Cotula alpina    Alpine Buttons
Craspedia alpina    Alpine Billybuttons
Dracophyllum minimum    Heath Cushion Plant
Epacris petrophila    Alpine Rock Heath
Epacris serpyllifolia    Alpine Heath
Erigeron stellatus    Star Mountain Daisy
Eucalyptus vernicosa    Varnished Gum
Euchiton umbricola    Alpine Silver Leaf
Ewartia catipes     Diamond Cushionherb
Gaultheria depressa    Creeping Snowberry
Gaultheria lanceolata    Waxberry
Gaultheria tasmanica    Tasmanian Waxberry
Geum talbotianum    Tasmanian Alpine Geum
Gunnera cordifolia    Heart Leaved Gunnera
Helichrysum pumilum var spathulatum    Tiny Alpine Daisy
Herpolirion novae-zelandiae    Sky Lily
Isophysis tasmanica    Hewardia
Leionema oldfieldii    Mountain Waxflower
Leptospermum rupestre    Creeping Tea Tree
Leucopogon hookeri    Mountain Beard Heath
Leucopogon montanus    Snow Beard Heath
Milligania densiflora     Silky Milligania
Olearia obcordata    Heartleaf Daisy Bush
Ozothamnus hookeri    Mountain Bush-Everlasting
Ozothamnus ledifolius    Mountain Spice
Phebalium montanum    Alpine Phebalium
Planocarpa nitida    Black-Fruit Cheeseberry
Pterygopappus lawrencei    Sage Cushion Bush
Richea acerosa    Eastern Candle Heath
Richea scoparia    Scoparia
Rubus gunnianus    Alpine Raspberry
Tasmannia lanceolata    Mountain Pepper
Trochocarpa thymifolia    Delicate Trochocarpa
Velleia montana    Mountain Velleia
Veronica ciliolata     Ben Lomond Cushion Plant
Wahlenbergia saxicola    Mountain Bluebell

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