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Plant list - purple flowers

This is a list of plants with purple coloured flowers that we sell. In addition there are many that have purple berries, and these are marked in the list with an asterisk. There are plants here for dry situations and rainforests, and just about everywhere in between.


Click on the species name to go to the listing for the plant in the main alphabetical catalogue.

The main alphabetical catalogue has cultivation details, prices, and a link to photos of each species.

Arthropodium strictum      Chocolate Lily
Billardiera longiflora     Climbing Blue Berry*
Brachyscome aculeata     Hill Daisy
Brachyscome rigidula      Cutleaf Daisy
Brachyscome spathulata     Spoonleaf Daisy
Caesia parviflora      Pale Grass Lily
Carpobrotus rossii      Native Pigface
Cyathodes glauca      Cheeseberry*
Cyathodes platystoma     Tall Cheeseberry*
Disphyma crassifolium      Round Leaf Pigface
Hardenbergia violacea      Purple Coral Pea
Indigofera australis      Native Indigo
Isophysis tasmanica      Tasmanian Purple-star
Lagenophora stipitata      Blue Bottle Daisy
Lobelia alata      Creeping Lobelia
Mazus pumilo      Swamp Mazus
Melaleuca gibbosa      Small-leafed Melaleuca
Melaleuca squamea      Swamp Melaleuca
Olearia phlogopappa    Dusty Daisy Bush
Patersonia fragilis      Short Purple Flag
Patersonia occidentalis      Long Purple Flag
Prostanthera rotundifolia      Round-leaved Mint Bush
Scaevola aemula      Fairy Fan-flower
Tetratheca ciliata      Round-leaved Black Eyed Susan
Tetratheca labillardierei      Leggy Black Eyed Susan
Tetratheca pilosa      Black Eyed Susan
Trochocarpa cunninghamii      Arching Trochocarpa*
Trochocarpa disticha      Lune River Heath*
Trochocarpa gunnii      Sweet Scented Trochocarpa*
Trochocarpa thymifolia      Delicate Trochocarpa*
Veronica formosa     Speedwell Bush (mauve form)
Vittadinia muelleri      Narrow Leaf New Holland Daisy
Westringia brevifolia     Coast Westringia (mauve form)

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