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Plant list - Rainforest Plants

Tasmania has extensive areas of rainforest, from the wild Tarkine area in the NW through to the wet forests of the Tasman Peninsula. The plants listed here are from these habitats. Some are very well known and grow over much of the state, such as the Tasmanian Waratah and Pepperberry, while others grow in only limited areas and are rare.

All of these plants prefer moist conditions and protection from full sun. Many of them will grow happily in darker nooks and crannies around the garden.


Click on the species name to go to the listing for the plant in the main alphabetical catalogue.

The main alphabetical catalogue has cultivation details, prices, and a link to photos of each species.

Acradenia frankliniae     Whitey Wood
Agastachys odoratum     White Waratah
Anopterus glandulosus     Native Laurel - seed grown
Archeria eriocarpa     Hairy Rainforest-Heath
Aristotelia peduncularis     Heart Berry
Atherosperma moschatum     Sassafrass
Athrotaxis cupressoides     Tasmanian Pencil Pine
Athrotaxis laxifolia     Intermediate Pine
Athrotaxis selaginoides     King Billy Pine
Bauera rubioides     Wiry Bauera
Blandfordia punicea     Christmas Bells
Cenarrhenes nitida     Native Plum
Cyathodes glauca     Cheeseberry
Cyathodes straminea     Small-Leaved Cheese Berry
Diselma archeri     Cheshunt Pine
Eucryphia lucida     Leatherwood
Eucryphia milliganii     Small Leaved Leatherwood
Gaultheria hispida     Snowberry
Gaultheria lanceolata     Lance-leaf Snowberry
Gunnera cordifolia     Heart-leaved Gunnera
Lagarostrobus franklinii     Huon Pine
Leptecophylla juniperina     Pink Berry
Libertia pulchella     Pretty Grass-Flag
Lomatia polymorpha     Mountain Lomatia
Microcachrys tetragona     Creeping Strawberry Pine
Monotoca linifolia     Nodding Broomheath
Nothofagus cunninghamii     Myrtle
Olearia argophylla     Musk
Olearia pinifolia     Prickly Alpine Daisybush
Orites diversifolius     Variable Orites
Pentachondra ericifolia     Fine Pentachondra
Pentachondra involucrata     Forest Pentachondra
Pentachondra pumila      Carpet Pentachondra
Phebaleum montanum     Alpine Phebaleum
Phyllocladus aspleniifolius     Celery-top Pine
Podocarpus lawrencei     Mountain Plum Pine
Polytrichum juniperinum      Juniper Moss
Prionotes cerinthoides     Climbing Heath
Richea acerosa     Eastern Candle Heath
Richea dracophylla     Dragon Leaf Richea
Richea gunnii     Common Correa
Richea milligani      Nodding Candle Heath
Richea pandanifolia     Pandani
Richea procera     Lowland Richea
Richea scoparia     Scoparia
Tasmannia lanceolata     Mountain Pepper
Telopea truncata     Tasmanian Waratah
Trochocarpa cunninghamii     Arching Trochocarpa
Trochocarpa disticha     Lune River Heath
Trochocarpa gunnii     Sweet Scented Trochocarpa
Trochocarpa thymifolia     Delicate Trochocarpa

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