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Plant list - Groundcovers

These plants are generally the lowest of the low. Many of these are beautiful little gems that display best in alpine rockeries, whilst others will cover large areas quickly.


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Anisotome procumbens     Mountain Celery
Brachyscome nivalis     Cutleaf Daisy
Calocephalus lacteus     Milky Beauty Heads
Carpobrotus rossii     Pigface
Chionohebe ciliolata     Ben Lomond Cushionplant
Coprosma moorei     Mat Coprosma
Dampiera stricta     Blue Dampiera
Dichondra repens     Kidney Weed
Ewartia catipes     Diamond Cushionherb
Gonocarpus micranthus     Creeping Raspwort
Gonocarpus tetragynus     Common Raspwort
Goodenia lanata     Prostrate Goodenia
Gunnera cordifolia     Heart Leaved Gunnera
Hardenbergia violaceae     Purple Coralpea
Hibbertia procumbens     Spreading Guinea Flower
Hibbertia prostrata     Prostrate Guinea Flower
Hydrocotyle muscosa     Mossy Pennywort
Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides     Mountain Pennywort
Kennedia prostrata     Running Postman
Lobelia alata     Creeping Lobelia
Mazus pumilio     Swamp Mazus
Pentachondra pumila     Carpet Frilly Heath
Pimelea filiformis     Trailing Riceflower
Rubus gunnianus     Alpine Raspberry
Scaevola hookeri     Creeping Fan Flower
Scleranthus biflorus     Cushion Plant
Tetragonia implexicoma     Bower Spinach
Velleia montana     Mountain Velleia
Velleia paradoxa     Spur Velleia
Villarsia reniformis     Running Marsh
Viola hederacea     Native Violet

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