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Plant list - Red flowers

Tasmania hasn't got all that many red-flowered plants. The flowers of female Allocasuarinas are smallish, but in many of the species can be beautiful. While the Common Heath is often pink, we stock a deep red form, and the flowers of the Hairy Rainforest Heath are a deep pink that borders on red. The star is the Tasmanian Waratah, which lights up higher regions of the Tasmanian bush in spring.


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Allocasuarina crassa     Cape Pillar Sheoak
Allocasuarina duncanii     Duncan's Sheoak
Allocasuarina littoralis     Bulloak
Allocasuarina monilifera     Necklace Sheoak
Allocasuarina paludosa     Dwarf Sheoak
Allocasuarina verticillata     Coast Sheoak
Allocasuarina zephyrea     Western Sheoak
Archeria eriocarpa     Hairy Rainforest Heath
Blandfordia punicea     Christmas Bells
Epacris impressa     Common Heath
Kennedia prostrata     Running Postman
Telopea truncata     Tasmanian Waratah

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