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Plant list - Trees

Quite what is a tree is sometimes hard to define. Some of the species listed here could also be called tall shrubs, but most are undeniably trees. Tasmania is home to the tallest flowering plant, the magnificent Eucalyptus regnans or Swamp Gum. The tallest Swamp Gum known, the Century Tree, is located in the Southern Forests south of Hobart, and is 99.6 m high. The only taller species, the American Redwood, is a pine, and therefore doesn't have flowers.


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Acacia dealbata     Silver Wattle   
Acacia mearnsii     Black wattle   
Acacia melanoxylon     Blackwood
Allocasuarina duncanii     Duncan's Sheoak   
Allocasuarina littoralis     Bulloak    
Allocasuarina verticillata     Coast Sheoak   
Atherosperma moschatum     Sassafras
Athrotaxis cupressoides     Pencil Pine  
Athrotaxis laxifolia     Intermediate Pine   
Athrotaxis selaginoides     King Billy Pine  
Bursaria spinosa     Prickly Box   
Callitris oblonga     South Esk Pine  
Callitris rhomboidea     Oyster Bay Pine  
Eucalyptus amygdalina     Black peppermint   
Eucalyptus barberi     Barber's gum   
Eucalyptus brookeriana     Brooker's Gum   
Eucalyptus coccifera     Snow Gum   
Eucalyptus cordata     Silver Gum   
Eucalyptus dalrympleana     Mountain White Gum  
Eucalyptus delegatensis     Gum-topped Stringybark   
Eucalyptus globulus     Blue Gum   
Eucalyptus gunnii     Cider Gum   
Eucalyptus johnstonii     Yellow Gum   
Eucalyptus morrisbyi     Morrisby's Gum   
Eucalyptus nitida     Smithton Peppermint   
Eucalyptus obliqua     Stringybark Widespread,   
Eucalyptus ovata     Swamp Gum   
Eucalyptus pauciflora     Cabbage Gum   
Eucalyptus perriniana     Spinning Gum   
Eucalyptus pulchella     White Peppermint   
Eucalyptus regnans     Mountain Ash   
Eucalyptus risdonii     Risdon Peppermint   
Eucalyptus rodwayi     Swamp Peppermint   
Eucalyptus rubida     Candlebark  
Eucalyptus sieberi     Tasmanian Ironbark   
Eucalyptus subcrenulata     Alpine yellow gum  
Eucalyptus tenuiramis     Silver Peppermint   
Eucalyptus urnigera     Urn Gum   
Eucalyptus viminalis     White Gum   
Eucryphia lucida     Leatherwood    
Lagarostrobus franklinii     Huon Pine   
Nematolepis squamea     Satinwood    
Notelaea ligustrina     Native Olive   
Nothofagus cunninghamii     Myrtle    
Phyllocladus aspleniifolius     Celery Top Pine  

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