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Plant list - Proteaceae

Plants in the Protea family include some of the best-loved Australian plants. Grevilleas, Banksias and Waratahs are reknowned for having attractive flowers and being bird-attracting. Other members of the family are more obscure, including many of those from south-western Tasmania. Bellendena montana (Montain Rocket) is one of the most primitive plants in the family. The Proteaceae is an ancient family that was present on Gondwana prior to its break-up over 50 million years ago. Members of the family are now found in Australia, South America and South Africa. Common or garden Proteas come from South Africa.


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Agastachys odoratum     White Waratah
Banksia marginata     Silver Banksia
Banksia serrata     Saw Leaf Banksia
Bellendena montana     Mountain Rocket
Cenarrhenes nitida     Native Plum
Grevillea australis     Southern Grevillea
Hakea decurrens     Bushy Needlewood
Hakea epiglottis     Beaked Hakea
Hakea lissosperma     Needle Bush
Hakea megadenia     Autumn Hakea
Hakea microcarpa     Small-fruited Hakea
Hakea nodosa     Yellow Hakea
Hakea teretifolia     Dagger Hakea
Hakea ulicina     Furze Hakea
Isopogon ceratophyllus     Horny Cone Bush
Lomatia polymorpha     Mountain Lomatia
Lomatia tinctoria     Guitar Plant
Orites diversifolius     Variable Orites
Orites milliganii     Toothed Orites
Orites revolutus     Revolute Orites
Persoonia gunnii      Mountain Geebung
Telopea truncata     Tasmanian Waratah

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